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SabaCell Offering Video on Demand

SabaCell Offering Video on DemandSabaCell Offering Video on Demand

SabaCell mobile content publisher and advertiser, based in Tehran, has established an online service that is hoped to become a rival for TV.

The service is offered through an application named Kanape (couch). With this video on demand service, users will be able to select films and videos of their choice, unlike the pre-scheduled programs of TV, according to the website of the service.

Kanape is already featuring a large variety of films, and is expanding its reservoir. The collection includes old legends and newly released films and video-clips in the categories of Film, TV Series, Most Viewed, Athletic, Children and Lifestyle. The list is constantly updated. The application can be downloaded at Users are prompted to sign up by entering their mobile numbers and receive their passwords. The application can be installed on smart-phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers.   

In terms of payment, the offered contents are in the three categories of free, subscription (on daily or monthly basis, for instance) and pay-per-view through network charging or credit card.

Previously, SabaCell had offered 'Zoom', a similar service only for subscribers of MTN Irancell, a mobile network operator in Iran, but now, backed with the experience, the publisher has aimed a wider audience.