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'Immortality' to Tour Eurasia, Europe

A poster of the play. The work dwells on the subject of immigration and its consequences.A poster of the play. The work dwells on the subject of immigration and its consequences.

The play ‘Immortality’ directed by Nima Dehghan is preparing to start a tour in a number of Eurasian and European countries in 2016 and 2017.

The play, which dwells on the subject of immigration and its consequences, is currently being staged in Tehran. The entire performance is silent and Farzin Sabooni is the sole actor, Mehr News Agency reported.

"The first international staging of the play will be on October 3, at HIGH FEST International Performing Arts Festival 2016," said Dehghan.

High Fest International Performing Arts Festival was established in 2003, and is organized by the Armenian NGO 'Actors Union'.

The organizers intend to bring to Yerevan the best and most innovative companies, presenting the rich palette of worldwide art, and promote Armenian Culture on the international scene bringing it a step closer to the world of the performing arts.

The play's global theme and lack of words make it independent of linguistic barriers and needless of translation to   be viewed anywhere across the globe.

The performance will be taken across Europe under a contract signed between the Tajrobeh Performing Group headed by Dehghan and an international theater company which remained unnamed.

"So far, the play has been scheduled to go on stage in Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, and the Czech Republic, following the performance at High Fest,” Dehghan, 38, saidd.

He also noted that ‘Immortality’ will have performances in other European countries namely Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium in 2017 spring.

Born in Tehran and a graduate of Tehran Islamic University of Art and Architecture in performance arts, Dehghan is a now theater and teletheater director, TV producer, art researcher, critic, and writer.

His most famous works in directing include "The Cool at the End of a Memory", "Train", and "War in a 2 by 2 Meters Space".

He won the prize for Best International Play at Fajr International Theater Festival in 2010 for "The Cool at the End of a Memory" which also bagged five other titles.