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Educational Documents on Display at National Library

Students and teachers in Roshdieh School, Tabriz, East AzarbaijanStudents and teachers in Roshdieh School, Tabriz, East Azarbaijan

The Museum of Book and Documental Heritage at the National Library of Iran is hosting an exhibition of educational documents with historical value from September 27.

Titled 'Ganj-e Yadgiri' (Treasure of Learning), it opens on Tuesday at 10 am and will run through October 21, reports IRNA.

The exhibit is organized on the occasion of the new school year in Iran which started on September 21. It features lithographic school curriculum from the Qajar era (1785-1925) including the course books of 'Hefz-ol-Seheh' (Health Protection), an equivalent for today's biology books, 'Favaed-ol-Adab' (Benefits of Literature) and 'Ta'dib-ol-Atfal' (Discipline for Children).

Visitors can also view other documents from old educational systems such as school charter, roll call notebook for teachers of Dar ul-Funun, the first modern institution of higher learning in Iran, established in 1851 and photographs of teachers and students in Roshdieh School, established by Iranian cleric, teacher, politician and journalist Haji Mirza Hassan Tabrizi, better known as Hassan Roshdieh (1851-1944).

The exhibition also includes children's periodicals from the Pahlavi period (1925-1979) to the present time, such as Nonahalan, Keyhan-Bacheha and Etela'at-Koudakan. The stamps and brochures issued on various occasions are another feature of the exhibit.

The national library is located near Haqqani Highway in Tehran.