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Mehrjui to Sign His Latest Book for Fans

Dariush MehrjuiDariush Mehrjui

Well-known Iranian director, producer, film editor, screenwriter and translator Dariush Mehrjui, 76, who recently published a novel, will sign copies of it for his fans at Tehran's Saless Publication's bookstore on Wednesday, September 28.

The work titled 'The Damned Receipt' is published by Behnegar Publishers. The 98-page book narrates part of the life of a fictional character Behzad Javid, who is a photographer, director and producer, says the website of the publisher (

The book starts with Javid's heart attack. He has just heard that the state broadcasting channel has decided to withhold his money on a production. A few years back, Javid had made a successful TV series. The work received praise and it was agreed that the broadcaster would pay him the production cost. Javid in anticipation of the promised fortune celebrates; he borrows money and moves into a new house.

Eventually, he realizes that it is a far-fetched dream and he has to go through the "12 Labors of Hercules," before he can see the money.

The Damned Receipt is a detailed portrayal of the urban Gordian knot. It is a criticism of the modern, bureaucratic life. The setting of the novel is Tehran, but it could be any other metropolis. Through the pages, the reader comes across various people each engrossed in his/her own problems. All are willing to extend a helping hand, but are tied down by their own problems.

The signing ceremony starts at 6 pm at the bookstore on Karim Khan Blvd.