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50 Concerts in 2 Weeks

50 Concerts in 2 Weeks50 Concerts in 2 Weeks
During the past week over 30 concerts were organized and in the current week 20 more will be held, with Tehran hosting most of the shows

The end of summer is usually the busiest time for concert halls in Iran as many singers and music groups perform around the time, just before the start of the school year when families get busy with their children's studies and have little time for entertainment.

This year, the schedule of halls is even busier. Over 50 concerts had been planned across the country before the beginning of the month of Muharram (the first month in the lunar calendar, October 3) as from then on for two months, mourning ceremonies will be held in memory of the martyrdom of Imam Husain, (AS), the third Shia Imam.

With the end of summer and just about a week to the start of Muharram, many singers and groups of different styles (traditional, pop and fusion) have attempted to go on stage in different cities since their next performance will be staged at least two months later, Mehr News Agency reported.

During the past week over 30 concerts were organized and in the current week 20 more will be held, with Tehran hosting most of the shows.

The most notable singers and bands who will meet their fans in the coming days are as follows:

Pallet Band will have two performances at the Conference Center of Tehran's Milad Tower on September 25. The band produces musical pieces in fusion genre, combining traditional Iranian music with modern western elements and instruments. They use classic poetry or modern poems relating to contemporary social issues. Since establishment in 2012, they have become very popular and held several concerts in Iran and abroad.

Classical singer Salar Aqili will have two performances, also at Milad Tower on September 27. He will perform mostly pieces of his latest album 'Don't Cry from Loneliness'. Aqili, 39, is considered one of the foremost traditional vocalists of his generation.

Tehran Vocal Ensemble will perform at Tehran's Vahdat Hall on September 27. A unique group, members of the band play no instruments. Their musical style is based on each singer using their vocal chords to make instrumental sounds and perform as a harmonic orchestra. The ensemble has performed locally and in international events and won several awards.

  2 Performances by Bahadori, Yeganeh

The young pop singer Benyamin Bahadori will have two performances at Milad Hall of Tehran International Permanent Fairground on September 28. Also a composer and songwriter, Benyamin, 34, mostly sings pieces centered on romantic themes, and thus is very popular with the young generation.

The veteran composer and musician Fereidoon Nasehi will have a piano recital at Vahdat Hall on September 29.

Veteran traditional singer Hesamedin Seraj will perform at Tehran's Andisheh Hall of Art Forum (Howzeh Honari) on September 29.

Another young pop singer Mohsen Yeganeh will stage his performances at Milad Hall on September 29 and 30. Also a musician and composer, Yeganeh, 31, is one of the most popular singers in Iran.

The choir Avaye Mahan will perform at Rudaki Hall on September 30. Founded in 2007, the band has so far performed in local and foreign events and been awarded as well.

After the two-month annual hiatus, the music events will resume from December 1.