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Night Scenes in Painting Exhibit at Assar Art Gallery

One of the paintings to be displayed at the exhibitOne of the paintings to be displayed at the exhibit

'Night, It Is', a solo exhibition of realist Iranian painter Iman Afsarian, 41, will open on September 23 at Assar Art Gallery in Tehran.

Night scenes of quiet city corners comprise the theme of Afsarian's oil paintings. He has explored the "nostalgic silence" hovering over the forgotten places of the city, in his works.

"His canvases are large enough to drown the viewers in the mysteries of the night where they can be alone with their thoughts and imagination," Honaronline reported.

The painter has depicted places that were once prominent but have now grown desolate and far from their days of glory. An old house, a deserted building and a lamp post are among his subjects, which are seemingly lost but faintly perceptible in the dark.

At first glance, Afsarian's works may be classified as hyperrealism, a genre resembling a high-resolution photograph. But in a unique arrangement of the objects, he gives the paintings certain concepts and meanings, which transcend the boundaries of hyperrealism.

The exhibit will run through October 20 on all days except Saturdays. The gallery is located at No 16, Barforushan Alley, Iranshahr Street, Karimkhan Blvd in Tehran.