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New Libraries in Rural Areas

3,000 public libraries will be opened for students in rural areas by March 2017.3,000 public libraries will be opened for students in rural areas by March 2017.

An estimated 3,000 public libraries will be opened for the students in rural areas by the end of the current fiscal year in March 2017, according to Hamidreza Kaffash, the deputy for educational affairs at the Ministry of Education.

Kaffash told LISNA that in addition to the textbooks, there were four books per student in libraries at the end of the previous government in mid-2013. But now there are 9 books for each student.

“The addition of five books outside the curriculum within three years indicates improvement in studying conditions for the students,” he said.

Setting up 3,000 new libraries is one of priorities of the Ministry of Education. Furthermore, a total of 50,000 book exhibitions will be held in the same number of schools across the country in the fall, he said. It will be the 19th edition of the nation-wide exhibition.

There are 13 million schoolchildren in Iran, comprising half the population of the country along with their families (of four), cultural deputy of the Ministry of Culture Seyyed Abbas Salehi said in the opening ceremony of the 19th edition of 50,000 Exhibitons at 50,000 Schools held on September 6 at Tehran’s Bahonar Camp.

Kaffash was also present at the opening ceremony where Salehi symbolically inaugurated the first of the 50,000 book exhibitions.