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Short Film Awarded in France

A screenshot from  ‘Lay My Bed in the Room’A screenshot from  ‘Lay My Bed in the Room’

The Iranian short film ‘Lay My Bed in the Room’ directed by Amir Toudeh Roosta’s has won the Jury Prize of the short film Festival Silhouette held earlier this month in Paris.

With 40 short fiction and animated movies in the running, the jury recognized the Iranian film as the best, which also was in the competition section, Mehr News Agency reported.

The film is about mourning the loss of a young lad in which the family reunites with a bride of the family and a brother-in-law in post-funeral grief. The film is narrated, though indirectly by a little girl from the family who had been innocently witnessing the unfolding of events.

The film is a product of The Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC). Parinaz Izadyar, Shadi Karamroudi and Mohammad Sadeghi are in the cast.