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9 Illustrators Shortlisted for Nami Concours

9  Illustrators Shortlisted for Nami Concours9  Illustrators Shortlisted for Nami Concours

Following the preliminary judging, a total of nine Iranian illustrators have been chosen for Nami Concours 2015 Illustration Competition.

The list includes 94 illustrators, selected from 1,330 participants from 71 countries.

Following South Korea, with 15 illustrators, Iran and Italy have been ranked second, the public relations department of the Association of Iranian Illustrators announced on Tuesday.

According to Nami Concours website, Iran holds almost a 20% share among the 56 Middle East participants. Reviewing the number of other shortlisted regional applicants reveals the high-quality of the submitted Iranian works.

The contest winner will receive a Grand Prix (Plaque and $10,000) while two illustrators will bag the Golden Island prize (Plaque and $5,000); three illustrators will get the Green Island award (Plaque and $2,000) and 10 others will take the Purple Island prize (Certificate and plaque).

Iranian illustrators Melika Saeeda, Yekta Jebeli, Nargess Mohammadi, Ali Dalvand, Reza Dalvand (with two works) Zahra Mohammad-Nejad, Ali Amekan, Hassan Amekan and Azar Teimouri are on the list.

South Korea’s Nami Concours 2015 aims to encourage artists’ creativity and contribute to the advancement of quality picture book illustrations. It is organized biennially by Nami Island, the official sponsor of IBBY Hans Christian Andersen Awards.

Shortlisted candidates selected in the preliminary judging should submit either originals or quality prints of their illustration works before December 31, 2014.