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‘Smile Arts’at Seyhoun Gallery

‘Smile Arts’at Seyhoun Gallery‘Smile Arts’at Seyhoun Gallery

The latest art works of Kambiz Derambakhsh titled ‘Smile Arts’ are scheduled to be exhibited from Friday (Nov 21) at Seyhoun Art Gallery.

This is Derambakhsh’s first exhibition since the renowned graphic artist and cartoonist was decorated with the Order of Arts and Letters by the French embassy in Tehran last month.

Arts, artists, gallery-goers, economics of the arts, painting tools and materials, and world-famous art works are predominant themes of the works. The artist said even “Christie’s auction in Dubai” has been featured and most works have been given a satirical twist, Honaronline reported.

Derambakhsh said the main difference between this exhibition and his previous ones is that “the works are not merely subject-centered but precise details and backgrounds have been taken care of.”

He wanted to title the display ‘Art and Artist’ at first, however, “a sudden spark initiated the name ‘Smile Arts’ which fits the works perfectly” and is also an ironic twist on ‘Fine Arts,’ Dermbakhsh said.

  Prolific Artist

Out of his several works, 31 were eventually selected, including works in black and white, some in color, a number of collages, and one on canvas.

One of the most prolific contemporary Iranian artists, Dermabakhsh also has several other exhibitions planned in New York, London, and Tehran in the coming months. Among those in Tehran are a photo exhibition at Silk Road Art Gallery and the ‘Visual Stories’ at Arya Gallery.

The prices for the works at Seyhoun Art Gallery are set between $300 and $1800. The opening is from 4 to 8 pm and the exhibition will run until December 3 every day from 11am to 7pm. The gallery is closed on Mondays and is located at No. 11, 4th Street, Vozara Ave. Tehran.