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Persian Carpet Expo in Vietnam

Persian Carpet Expo in VietnamPersian Carpet Expo in Vietnam

Following a successful carpet exhibition back in 2009, the Iranian embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam, will soon be hosting an exhibition displaying the distinctive Persian art form: hand-woven Persian carpets.

With more than 200 premium quality traditional Persian carpets, the Melia Hotel in Hanoi will exhibit the carpets and introduce their Iranian weavers from November 21-23, the Iranian embassy announced, reported the

The Persian carpet holds a significant bond with the rich Persian culture; it dates back to ancient Persia and is a vital element in the lives of Iranians since times immemorial. Iran’s export of the famed carpets constitutes 30% of the international market. The country today has 1.2 million weavers in the hand-made carpet industry.

Iranians’ attachment to Persian carpets can be seen in almost every single home one visits. Rarely does one travel around the world and find a piece of art as one does in the majority of Iranian homes. In general, the bulk of Iranian homes has at least one Persian rug, either hand or machine woven. This ceaseless wonder is testament to the people’s appreciation of the Persian carpet. “Therefore sharing their love is imperative for a mutual understanding between Iran and Vietnam.”

The exhibition will also be an opportunity to present Bagher Seirafian and Amir Erami, who were declared the best carpet weavers by Tehran’s National Carpet Festival in August.

Hoping to enhance mutual cooperation and fortify Iranian-Vietnamese ties, Ambassador to Vietnam Hossein Alvandi-Behineh, said the Iranian Embassy will host more cultural events in the near future.