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Sa'dabad Hosting Austrian Music

Sa'dabad Hosting Austrian MusicSa'dabad Hosting Austrian Music

Sa'dabad Cultural Historical Complex in Tehran will host two Austrian music ensembles on two different days, September 15 and September 20.  Violinist and mandolinist Clemens Bittmann and cellist Mathias Bartholomew will present their compositions on Thursday, September 15. The event is a rock string duet by progressive music band BartolomeyBittmann that has released two albums so far: 'Meridian' in 2013 and 'Neubau' in 2015.

Following their concert, the two musicians will also hold workshops on September 18-19, Khabaronline reported.

The second event will take place on September 20. The Viennese ensemble Square Waltz will feature world-famous tunes from Austria's imperial musical heritage, influenced by jazz and folk music and improvised to some degree. The trio of Square Waltz includes violinist Maria Salamon, bassist Hannes Laszakovits and Marc Bruckner who plays percussion, clarinet, flute, ukulele (Hawaiian lute) and harmonica.