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Handmade Rug Exhibition at Shirin Gallery NY

Handmade Rug Exhibition at Shirin Gallery NYHandmade Rug Exhibition at Shirin Gallery NY

An exhibition of handmade carpets by the Iranian artist Mirmola Soraya will open at the New York branch of Shirin Gallery on September 15.

According to a press release by the gallery, the exhibition titled 'Spontaneous Pattern' explores the concept of carpet weaving as a contemporary art form.

Through the large-scale works, Soraya investigates the social and historical role of the weavers, and challenges the definition of the craft through various forms.

On display will be a selection of recent works by the artist. Soraya describes the experience of the weaver that is very similar to that of a painter beginning with the blank canvas. "I look at the loom and see it as a ground on which to grow seeds of imagination," he explains.

"Improvisation, spontaneity and intuition of shapes and images lead to the works’ inception," Soraya says.

Born in northern city of Ramsar, Iran, Soraya is a Tehran-based artist and designer. After receiving a bachelor degree from Azad University of Isfahan in handmade carpets, he began exhibiting his work in solo and group exhibitions throughout Iran, the US, Kuwait and UAE.