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Book on Iranian Deserts

Book on Iranian DesertsBook on Iranian Deserts

The German publisher Lambert Academic Publishing has recently published a book ‘Iranian Desert Tourism Attractions and People’s Customs’ written by Mohammad Kia Kianian Golafshani.

As the author has noted on the back cover of the book, tourism attractions in Iran are unique due to the country's natural bounties and environmental biodiversity, especially its arid deserts. Iranian desert tourism attractions, wetlands and lakes, caves, castles and inns, protected regions, and people's traditional costumes in different provinces including Isfahan, Bushehr, Tehran, Semnan, Fars, Hormozgan, Kerman and Yazd, are all explained in the various chapters of the book, IBNA reported.

"I have been studying the wilderness of the country including topics on tourism for 14 years," said Kianian, a faculty member of Semnan University. The 229-page book has 6 chapters. "I hope the book can persuade foreign tourists to travel to Iran, especially to the wilderness," he added.

Another book by Kianian ‘The Iranian Atlas of Desert Fauna and Flora’ was released last year by the German publisher.