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Mahallat, Cradle of Flowers

Mahallat, Cradle of Flowers Mahallat, Cradle of Flowers

The Plant and Flower Festival will be held in Mahallat, Markazi Province, from September 16 to 19 to promote the use of decorative flowers.

“Organizing festivals and exhibitions of flowers and plants plays a key role in attracting local and foreign tourists. It also helps to introduce and export our horticulture produce,” provincial director general of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism, Seyed Mohamad Hosseini, said earlier quoted by YJC.

The festival is important for the economy of the area to flourish. It is being held after a two-year gap through the efforts of various organizations.

“Mahallat is the cradle of flowers in Iran and has gained the first position in producing different kinds of flowers in the country”, Mahallat Governor Gholam-Ali Yar-Mohamadi noted.

There are 700 semi-modern and traditional greenhouses in the town, which have occupied more than 900 hectares of land.

Some examples of flowers and ornamental plants grown in Mahallat include: different kinds of indoor plants such as dieffenbachia and ficus lyrata; flowers like dianthus, iris, orchidaceae, dahlia; various ornamental shrubs such as rose and cestrum nocturnum; and a variety of young fruit trees like acacia and hawthorn.

Mahallat plays host to this festival as it is the largest area for growing flowers and ornamental plants in the country.