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Eclectic Approach in Play

Eclectic Approach in PlayEclectic Approach in Play

An avant-garde play 'This is a Documentary' written and directed by theater director Erfan Khazaeli is underway at Khosro Shakinaee Hall, in Tehran's Senoqteh theater complex.

"The play is an eclectic adaptation from 80 literary works, and is in fact inspired by the books, scripts and screenplays that I have enjoyed reading," Khazaeli told Honaronline.

It took him an entire year to complete the script. "I believe each book can be reduced to its gist. One paragraph can be the most important part of a book. I took out such paragraphs and compressed them into the script, prepared the performance and added music," to complete the show, he said. His eclectic approach is also reflected in his choice of music. He has used 80 musical pieces, each associated with one of the 80 literary works. "When the musical pieces were mixed together, a new work emerged which, while being complete, is closely connected with the script."

The experimental work is staged by Objective Theater Group.  The cast members are Ghazal Anqagir and Yekta Tabibi.

The play opened on August 28 and will run through September 28 at 8.30 pm daily. The theater complex is located at No 10 & 12, Kabkanian-Mortezazadeh intersection, Keshavarz Blvd.