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‘Veil of Thoughts’ Showing at e1 Gallery

‘Veil of Thoughts’ Showing at e1 Gallery ‘Veil of Thoughts’ Showing at e1 Gallery

The Veil of Thoughts, a photo exhibition by Emitis Soltani Abbasioun is underway at the 'e1' art gallery in Tehran.

The exhibition opened on August 26 and will run through September 14. It features 20 large black and white photographs Soltani has selected from among her photo collection spanning a decade.

Veiled women comprise the theme of Soltani's works. "I always considered the women’s veil as something far more significant than a piece of clothing or cover," Soltani wrote about her exhibit.

"This collection is not an interpretation, nor a critique. This photo series is the result of my thoughts, imaginations and concerns during a ten-year period."

"I studied about women in Persian literature, including the powerful women in Ferdowsi's epic Shahnameh (Book of Kings) and the royal cupbearers in the middle age literatures."

The artist has used the Nastaliq script, traditionally a predominant style in Persian calligraphy, in a mysterious blend with the subjects of her artwork.

"My experience from my education at London School of Fashion, affiliated to London's University of Arts, helped me to codify and compile my thoughts in my art," she says.

  Celebrities Visit

"What a visitor can actually see at exhibit is large white canvases bearing figures of women, some of which are too abstract to show any distinct form. Sometimes they appear as a grayish smudge in a play of light and shade," Mehr News reported.

At first glance, some of the works may look like paintings, with strokes of brush or ink blotches. But they are high-contrast photographs printed on canvas.

Celebrities showed up at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, including painter, costume designer, film director and producer Mohammad Ali Sajjadi, 58, as well as music composer Mohammad Sarir, 71, who heads the managing board of Iran Music House.

"The featured collection gives one a pleasing experience. There is a feminine spirit in the works which are perceptible and beautiful," Sajjadi said.

Sarir said of the exhibit: "I find the works very peaceful. The images vary but share a common context. They are somehow abstract, allowing for free association."

The proceeds of the event will be donated to the Hemophilia Organization based in Tehran. The gallery has made similar gestures at its previous events by donating a share of its sales to charity foundations Mahak, Nikan, Komak, Daheshpour and the Society for Protection of Street and Working Children.  

The gallery e1 was inaugurated in April 2016. It was established to introduce young emerging artists, appreciate the art of senior masters and support charity and humanitarian activities. The name 'e1' is a playful form of iwan, a rectangular, usually vaulted hall or space with one side entirely open.  Located at No 1, Hamid dead-end, Lesani Alley, Mahdie Street, Elahie, the gallery is open on all days except Saturdays, between 4 pm and 8 pm.