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‘London, Rome, Tehran, Amsterdam’ Play Opens

‘London, Rome, Tehran, Amsterdam’ Play Opens‘London, Rome, Tehran, Amsterdam’ Play Opens

Virgool (Comma) Performing Art Ensemble has taken ‘London, Rome, Tehran, Amsterdam’ play to the stage in Tehran.

The opening ceremony was held on Sunday at Hafez Hall of the Roudaki Art and Cultural Foundation. Dutch ambassador Johans Duma attended the ceremony, MNA reported.

“The play is about the daily life of people in different countries and shows how media and the internet form stereotypes about other nations,” says leader of the ensemble Arvand Dashtaray.

The play has actors and actresses from Iran, England, Italy and the Netherlands and will be performed in the home countries of the three European cast in 2015.

Dashtaray dubbed the play another ‘intercultural experience’ of the ensemble and asserted that “it is in accordance with cultural studies and addresses intercultural misunderstandings.”