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Theatre Managers Meet in Yeravan

Theatre Managers Meet in YeravanTheatre Managers Meet in Yeravan

Director General of Iran’s Dramatic Arts Center Hussein Taheri and head of Iran’s Dramatic Arts Association Seyed Ashraf Tabatabai are attending the 34th International Theatre Institute (ITI) World Congress, which commenced on November 17 in Armenia.

The event, underway in Yerevan, is themed ‘New Voices, New Audiences: Time for Dialog!’ IRNA reported.

Iranian officials are attending the meeting to discuss art and culture, participate in specialized meetings held in different art fields and preserve Iran’s place at the ITI.

Established in 1948 by theatre and dance experts and UNESCO, ITI is the world’s largest performing arts organization. The center holds a congress annually in its member countries. The congress concludes on November 22.