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Divar Band’s Latest Album

Divar Band’s Latest AlbumDivar Band’s Latest Album

According to vocalist and pianist Pouya Nikpour, front man of Divar Band (literally: The Wall Band), the band’s new visual album was released on November 16.  

The album features four music videos for pieces composed by the band members. The prominent genres are punk rock and soft rock. A number of instrumental pieces have also been included, Honaronline reported.  

The music style which has a touch of funk also features tonalities of rock and progressive rock in the bass lines. Other genres which the band has experimented with include world and new-age, all of which are featured in their latest album.  

One of the music pieces has been composed by Nikpour and the other three have been composed by Babak Riahipour (bassist) and Yashar Khosravi (saxophonist).

Some of the video clips include recordings of the band’s live performances and coverage of interviews. The music videos have been produced by Armin Masouminejad with the assistance of Ashkan Hashemi.   

The band was first formed by Nikpour, Khosravi, and Masoud Homayouni (on electric guitar). Their initial intention was to release and perform the album ‘Rah-e Bipayan’ (the never-ending road). The band, which started as a hobby, was taken more seriously by members after widespread public reception.