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Contemporary Persian Music Concert in Russia

Contemporary Persian Music Concert in RussiaContemporary Persian Music Concert in Russia

A performance including string quartets by famous Iranian composers will be conducted at Erarta Museum of contemporary art in Saint Petersburg, Russia on November 23.

The program includes the works by contemporary Iranian composers of different generations. Most of the music pieces will be performed in Russia for the first time, including: ‘String quartet No.1’ by Hormoz Farhat,  ‘Dreamland for string quartet’  by Fouzieh Majd, ‘String quartet No.4’ by Shahin Farhat, ‘Delirium’ by Amir Bakan, and ‘Broken Times String quartet’ by Amir Mahyar Tafreshipour, IRNA reported.

Hormoz Farhat (born 1929) is a composer, ethnomusicologist and Emeritus Professor of Music. He composed ‘String quartet No.1’ in 1953 which was regarded as one of the first string quartets in Iranian classical music repertoire. His compositions have been performed widely by, among many others, the BBC Symphony Orchestra and English Chamber Orchestra.

 Lady Composer

Fouzieh Majd (born 1938) is a female Iranian composer and ethnomusicologist. She was educated in England and France. In the 1970s she headed the group to gather Persian folk songs for national Iranian Television.

Shahin Farhat (born 1947) is a prolific Iranian composer who studied music in Tehran University and France. He is a professor of music and head of the department of music at the University of Tehran.

Amir Mahyar Tafreshipour (born 1974) studied in Denmark and England. In 2003 he was awarded a Silver Medal for outstanding achievement at Trinity College of Music, presented by the Duke of Kent. In 2005 he was commissioned by the BBC Symphony Orchestra to compose a harp concerto ‘A Persian Reflection’ under the baton of Pascal Rophé in 2006 in London.