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Entezami Museum Hosts Int’l Puppet Fete

Entezami Museum Hosts  Int’l Puppet FeteEntezami Museum Hosts  Int’l Puppet Fete

Ezaatolah Entezami Museum officially opened to host the 15th Tehran international puppet festival - Mubarak on September 13 in Tehran.

Unique architectural design and the name of Entezami, the famous artist, has given an impetus to the festival, CHN quoted museum manager Majid Jozani as saying.

Entezami is one of the most prominent actors in Iranian cinema who has been titled ‘Mr. Actor’. He has worked with distinguished Iranian film directors, including Darius Mehrjui (eight films), Ali Hatami (four films), Nasser Taqvaee, Behrouz Afkhami and Rakhshan Bani-Etemad. He was awarded the Crystal Simorgh for the Best Actor twice at the International Fajr Film Festival, for ‘Grand Cinema’ and ‘The Day of Angel’.

He graduated from theatre and cinema school in Hanover, Germany in 1958, and has been acting in movies since 1969. His debut performance in Darius Mehrjui’s admired classic film, ‘The Cow’, received the Golden Hugo in Chicago International Film Festival in 1971. He shone in the role of a naive villager who cannot endure the death of his beloved cow and starts to believe that he is the cow himself.

Tehran Municipality is planning to launch new cultural and artistic sites, to boost culture and art in the capital.

Various officials sent messages on the festival inauguration including, Ali Jannati, minister of culture and Islamic guidance, Ali Moradkhani, deputy of art, culture ministry and Marziye Borumand, festival secretary.

Groups of puppeteers from Germany, Serbia, Armenia, Spain, Afghanistan, the US, the Netherlands, and China will perform at the puppet show which concludes on September 20.