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Caricatures on Canvas

Poster of the exhibitPoster of the exhibit

Iranian cartoonist Davoud Ahmadi Mouness, alias Arvin, has brought his caricatures on canvas for the first time in an exhibition at Saless Gallery.

Titled 'Group Exhibition of Arvin & Himself' (unpublished cartoons), it opened on August 26 and will run through September 6. The gallery is located on Karimkhan Blvd, between Iranshahr and Mahshahr streets.

"By reviewing my newspaper caricatures, I realized how my works changed with my moods. I have no allegiance to any specific technique or style and I gathered a diverse range of my works for the exhibit."

"Placed side by side, my works may appear to be the creations of five or six different people," Arvin, 32, told the Persian newspaper 'Iran,' explaining the exhibit title.

"My previous works were all published digitally or on paper; but this time I have opted for a different medium."

For this exhibit, Arvin has painted large works, unlike what is usually expected of caricatures on paper.

The exhibition features 12 canvases. With acrylic, ink and a certain blend of other materials, Arvin has created a series of "grim works that give hope."

"In such independent works, I have experienced a style closely associated with 1960's cartoons," Arvin said.