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Special Carpet Auction

Actor Atila Pesyani was the auctioneer at the 2015 national auctionActor Atila Pesyani was the auctioneer at the 2015 national auction

The first Special Carpet Auction will be organized by the National Auction House on August 26 at Tehran's Khaneh-Hamayesh.

The national auction will feature Persian carpets to draw the attention of art patrons and enthusiasts to the fine and exquisite rugs, Fars News Agency reported.

Iranian actor, producer and TV host Ahmad Najafi, 67, will present a selection of 27 hand-woven Persian carpets. The works to be featured have been selected from among 500 carpets including kilims (flat tapestry-woven carpets) and framed carpets.

The highest number of carpets for the auction has come from the province of Kurdistan and the cities of Isfahan, Tabriz, Kerman and Qom.

Before the carpets are offered for sale, a three-day public exhibition will be held from August 23-25. It starts at 10 am and is open until 9 pm. The location of the exhibit as well as the auction that will follow is No 46, Fayazi Street, Fereshteh Avenue.

  Earlier Auctions

The National Auction House has so far organized two rounds of auctions. The first was held in October 2014 and the award-winning Iranian actor Bahram Radan, 37, was the auctioneer. The event presented over 40 fine works by 30 artists, which included paintings, miniatures, calligraphies, leatherworks and antiques. The auction sold 60% of the featured works for 30 billion rials ($847,700).

The second auction was held a year later. It offered 76 traditional works including paintings, calligraphies and handicrafts, of which over 90% of were sold fetching an amount of 49 billion rials ($1.38 million).