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Farshid Mesghali’s Illustrations in Taipei

The artist's works at Taipei expoThe artist's works at Taipei expo

Book illustrations by the noted Iranian illustrator and animator Farshid Mesghali are currently on display at an expo in Taipei City, Taiwan.

The expo features the illustrations of artists who have won the Hans Christian Anderson Award in the past 50 years, IBNA reported.

The Anderson Awards are a pair of biennial literary awards conferred by the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY), recognizing one living author and one living illustrator for their "lasting contribution to children's literature.

As the only Iranian artist who was granted this award, Mesghali has the following works on public display at the Taipei expo which opened on July 19 and will run through September 20: ‘The Little Black Fish’ (1968), ‘King Jamshid’ (1970), ‘The City of Snakes’ (1970), ‘Arash the Archer’ (1971), ‘Hero’ (1971), ‘The Blue-Eyed Boy’ (1973) and 'My Hedge Hog, My Doll and I' (1985).

Mesghali, 73, has also worked as graphic designer, animator and writer. The artist received the Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1974.