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Giant Robot in Outdoor Play

Amir Hussein ShafieeAmir Hussein Shafiee

A giant robot will feature in a play written and directed by theater director and actor Amir Hussein Shafiee, at the 16th Tehran Mobarak Puppet Festival.

The play titled 'Blue Sky of Robots' is among the outdoor performances of the Mobarak Puppet Festival (August 22-28), in the Guest Section and is scheduled on all days of the festival at 8 pm, IRNA reported. The robot is sure to attract a great deal of attention at Valiasr-Enqelab intersection, where the venue of the puppet festival, City Theater of Tehran, is located.

Puppet designer Zohreh Mortazavi, who is specialized in electro mechanic marionettes, has designed and made the robotic puppet. It is comparable to the industrial robots used in the US and will be unveiled at the festival, said the 31-year-old Shafiee.

"Our giant marionette is quite indigenous and would have cost us a lot if we had to import such a robot, but Mortazavi spent five years designing and making the robotic marionette," he said.

"The marionette has both artistic and industrial applications. It is also environment friendly. We will also use it to convey the message of Blue Sky, Clean Earth," a national environmental campaign initiated by the Tehran Municipality two years ago.

Rouhollah Sanaee and Alireza Qasemzadeh are the puppeteers of the play which addresses young adults and grown-ups alike. About the theme, Shafiee said the focus is on environmental issues such as water scarcity and air pollution. There is no dialogue in the performance.