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Youth Music Festival at Roudaki

Youth Music Festival at RoudakiYouth Music Festival at Roudaki

The 10th edition of the National Festival of Youth Music from August 28 –September 13 will be held at Tehran's Roudaki Hall.

On the opening day, the festival will feature musical pieces based on 'dastgahs', the musical modal systems in traditional Persian music and old melodic figures or 'radifs' therein, according to the festival secretariat.

Other vocal and instrumental ensembles will take part in the days that follow. A total of 457 vocalists and players in three different age groups will stage their performances in a rich variety of musical modes.

The age groups are 15-18, 19-23 and 24-29 years. In addition to dastgahs and radifs, they will perform classical and ethnic musical pieces.

On September 14, at the concluding ceremony of the festival will the winners will be announced.

The festival secretary is Iranian musician Houman As'adi, 45, and it is organized under the auspices of Iran Music House, Music Office of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Roudaki Foundation.