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'Special Relativity' Nominated for Swiss Prize

'Special Relativity' Nominated for Swiss Prize'Special Relativity' Nominated for Swiss Prize

Special Relativity, a play directed by Samaneh Zandinejad, 31, will be staged at the Zurich Theater Spektakel (ZTS) 2016 festival.

The play is written by Iranian actress and playwright Bahar Katouzi, 31. It is about the dissertation defense of a physics student, Mehr News reported.

"Even feelings are subject to the laws of physics," declares the physics student Mona, the protagonist of the solo, a role played by the playwright herself.

It tells the story of the perpetual emotions of love, jealousy and pain of separation in a scientific way. Interpersonal matters and surging emotions are allocated between fields of gravity and black holes only to be brought back to the terrestrial reality of natural sciences with the help of Einstein’s relativity theory. But what if feelings don’t give a toss about science?

Special Relativity is participating in the short play section of ZTS. The 40-minute play is scheduled on August 25-27 at Farbrik Theater of Rote Fabrik Cultural Center, Zurich, Switzerland.

The play has been nominated for the ZKB Acknowledgment Prize 2016 and ZKB Audience Prize 2016, both funded by Zurcher Kantonalbank (Zurich Cantonal Bank), the largest Swiss state-owned commercial bank.

Winners of Acknowledgment Prize are decided by an expert jury; while for the Audience Prize, votes of the viewers are counted. "Of the 50 plays participating in the festival, 13 works have been nominated for the two prizes," Zandinejad said.

"In January, we'll stage the play in France. After the foreign tour, the show will be staged in Iran for the public."

Actress and theater-director Zandinejad graduated in theater directing from Tarbiyat Modares University. In 2006 she founded the Madreseh Theater Group and has directed five performances. She won the best directing prize at the 30th Fajr Theater Festival 2012 in Tehran. Among her notable directing work is Dolls in Silence (2013), a performance based on a true story about the self-immolation of an Iranian woman.