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70,000 Titles at Tehran Fair

70,000 Titles at Tehran Fair70,000 Titles at Tehran Fair

The 12th Academic and Professional International Book Fair opened on Sunday in Tarbiat Modares University, featuring more than 70,000 titles from 300 international publications. The exhibition will be held from November 16 to 19 daily.

All the academic and professional books featured in the exhibition are original prints from foreign publications in English, German and French languages. No Persian language book is included, MNA reported.

Organized by the Cultural Association of Foreign Publishers’ Representatives in Iran in collaboration with the ministry of science, research and technology and Tarbiat Modares University, the exhibition includes recent academic books, published since 2010.

The 12th series of the book fair is hosted in an area of 1200 square meters and the books offer a discount from 15 to 65%.

The fair takes place during the week designated as the ‘Book and Reading Week’ celebrated in Iran from November 15 to November 22 every year.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the fair, the secretary of the 22nd series of book week, Barzin Zarghami highlighted the positive impact of foreign book exhibitions on attracting visitors and increasing the volume of sales.