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'Mystery of Creation' Album Released

Eugene Gilfedder Eugene Gilfedder

Mystery of Creation, the first joint music album between Iran and Australia, has been produced by Iranian cultural-artistic company Si Lahn Barbad ( and distributed by the Sufi Art Group founded in Australia by Iranian culture enthusiasts Arash Zanganeh and Leila Honari.

The album is a fusion attempt to bring together traditional Persian music and western electronic music, IRNA reported.

The cover of the album says, "In weaving together these diverse music styles, one can trace a new identity, which while maintaining its Persian roots, allows a broader understanding and engagement."

Mystery of Creation is composed and arranged by musician Mehdi Danaee. For the album he has played tar, setar and keyboards. Daf and tombak (Persian goblet drum) is by Arash Zanganeh, santur by Hadi Pedram, ney (Middle Eastern end-blown flute) by Hassan Mekaniki, Spanish guitar by Hamed Azadi and bass guitar by Taher Ali Ramezani. Zhoobin Askarieh has played the didgeridoo.

Iranian traditional singer Bamdad Falahati, 33, has sung a number of verses by 13th century Persian poet and scholar Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Rumi in the album. English translations of the verses are recited by Australian theater and film actor Eugene Gilfedder.

The combination of the traditional vocal ornamentation of 'tahrir,' Persian musical modes of Nava, Shur, Chahargah and Homayoun, and application of western music instruments has created "a borderless ambience" befitting the international message of Rumi.

The album is comprised of 12 tracks including Mystery of Creation, Secrets, Worship, Blessing, Moon Rising and Celestial, each followed by a recitation of Rumi's Expression.