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Homage to Othenin Girard at Barg Gallery

A portrait by Ivan Othenin GirardA portrait by Ivan Othenin Girard

A ceremony to honor the late French painter and Iranologist Ivan Othenin-Girard (1932-2012) for his contributions to art and culture of Iran will be held today (August 16) at Tehran's Barg Gallery near Hervai Square.

The 57th Research Seminar of Art has been organized as a tribute to the painter by the Tehran Beautification Organization (TBO) affiliated to Tehran Municipality, in cooperation with Tandis visual art magazine (

Speakers will include painter Iraj Eskandari, and tar and setar player Dariush Talaee, OTB reported. The ceremony starts at 6 pm.

An exhibition of Girard's paintings and photographs will run through August 25 at the gallery. A film on the life and works of the prominent artist will also be screened.

Ivan Othenin Girard was born in Besancon, eastern France. He studied painting, drawing and graphics in France and Switzerland. In 1962, he traveled to Iran and very soon became acquainted with Iranian artists such as poets Sohrab Sepehri (1928-1980) and Bijan Jalali (1927-2000), as well as painter Sadeq Barirani, 92.

In 1963, the Institute of Ornamental Arts, now merged with Tehran University of Art, proposed a teaching position to which he agreed, and he started to teach graphic arts.

Girad was attracted to Iranian culture and civilization, particularly to Sufism, and eventually converted to Islam. His cultural interests were not limited to visual arts; he was also interested in traditional Iranian music and was in contact with prominent artists in the field.

In his teachings, he always referred to the rich culture and tradition of Iran. He tutored well-known painters Eskanadari, Bahman Boroujeni, and Davoud Emdadian (1944-2005).

Girard returned to Paris with his Iranian wife in the 1980s to pursue his cultural-spiritual interests. In the following years, he paid several visits to Iran and renewed meetings with his friends and students.