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TBO Plans Garden Museum for Sculptures

TBO Plans Garden Museum for SculpturesTBO Plans Garden Museum for Sculptures

Tehran Beautification Organization (TBO) has recently purchased over 60 sculptures from different generations of sculptors, according to TBO cultural deputy Seyyed Mojtaba Mousavi.

The newly purchased artworks, together with the existing collection at the TBO will be showcased at a garden-museum, which the TBO plans to purchase to house the 150 sculptures in its possession. The TBO has been considering for quite some time a garden-museum to display the sculptures for the public.

But for the time being, the sculptures will be kept at Barg Gallery located in the northeast of Tehran's Heravi Square. Some of the works are shaped by the hands of celebrated sculptors, such as Jazeh Tabatabai (1931-2008), Mohsen Vaziri-Moqaddam, 91, Saeed Shahlapour, 71 and Sirous Qaem-Maqami (1929-2002).

The sculptures will be installed indoors, in the main building of the garden-museum.

"We are also thinking of sculptures for outdoor installation in the surrounding garden area. Once the location of the garden-museum is finalized, the outdoor sculptures will be bought," Mousavi told ISNA.

Managing director of TBO, Issa Alizadeh provided a fleeting image of the garden-museum to be. It would have a series of walking paths in a green environment. People can view the artworks as they promenade the garden.