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Special Sale at Artists Forum

Iranian Artists ForumIranian Artists Forum

Iranian Artists Forum will host an exhibition of visual arts titled 'Art Bazaar' (Persian: Bazaar-Honar) from August 26-31.

The 6-day event will feature works called for submissions by the Institute for Promotion of Contemporary Visual Art, namely paintings, sculptures, illustrations, ceramics, photographs, miniatures and calligraphy-paintings.

Every artist can present up to 10 works. To be able to accommodate all the works, the forum has dedicated all its galleries to showcase them.

Each work is priced 5 million rials ($141) of which 70% will be paid to the artist. "Art Bazaar seeks to create a setting where a wide range of people from the middle classes can buy artworks. They are our most valuable patrons who have always supported our art and culture, and hence the choicest group to buy, keep and cherish the art works," secretary of the bazaar Jamshid Haqiqatshenas told Honaronline.

The featured works are affordable for all strata of the people, he said.

"Artists of various schools and connection, even amateurs, and some who have works of great artistic value have answered our call to participate in the bazaar," he said.

On the artistic value of the works, he said only those works that were deemed to qualify by the art bazaar secretariat were accepted.

Haqiqatshenas emphasized the significance of such public art events that reach out to vast sections of the artistic community by promoting unknown artists, as well as the common people, through affordable price tags.

"Many museums are now treasuring the works that have appeared out of people's homes. Events of this nature contribute to cultural development. The artworks purchased by the people should be considered an investment because there is the prospect of museums buying them in future."

The forum is located at 'Park-Honarmandan' (Artists Park) on Tehran's Iranshahr Street.