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Cineplex Coming Up in Northern Tehran

Cineplex Coming Up in Northern TehranCineplex Coming Up in Northern Tehran

Arg Cinema Complex will soon open at the Arg Shopping Center in Tajrish Square to make up for the lack of cultural spaces in north Tehran.

The cineplex will include 12 halls, of which four are ready. The other eight are close to completion and will be ready within a month, the social, art and cultural website reported.

Cineplex manager Morteza Shahyesteh, a renowned film producer, said "The complex will be inaugurated next month" and filmgoers will find a new cinematic hub to visit in the northern part of the city.

Municipal districts 1 and 3 and the western part of District 4 comprise the city's northern areas. However, the number of cinemas does not meet the needs of the population in those regions.

The old Astara Cinema was the only movie theater in District 1 until about 15 years ago when Cinema Museum doubled the number of cinemas.

District 3 had only one movie theater in the east, Javan, when Mellat Cineplex in the west (eight years ago) and Qolhak Cinema in Qolhak neighborhood in 2012, filled the gap.

Arg Shopping Center is a commercial complex in five stories, with different stores for jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, clothing, electronics and household wares as well as restaurants and entertainment. It opened a year ago.

  Link to Sa'dabad Palace

Located at the beginning of Maleki (Sa'dabad) Street, it connects Tajrish Square to the Sa'dabad Palace. Tajrish neighborhood, situated in Shemiranat County, is one of the oldest parts of the capital which sees hundreds of visitors daily for its various attractions.

The Tajrish traditional bazaar, Imamzadeh Saleh Mausoleum, Qaem Shopping Center and numerous museums are popular locations for people from across Tehran as well as provincial visitors.

Further up, the mountainside sees hundreds of regular climbers and people on the walking trails, especially over the weekend. It is also worth mentioning that the recent cineplexes in Tehran including Charsou in central Tehran and Kourosh in the west have been welcomed by the public and has helped increase the number of filmgoers.

Charsou (with five halls) was the main location of the 34th Fajr International Film Festival in February and Kourosh (with 14 halls) holds the record for the highest number of tickets sold in a single day.

With all its attractions, and now the Arg Cineplex, it is expected that people in much bigger numbers will converge on the Tajrish neighborhood.