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National Heritage Society to Honor Banoo Karimi

National Heritage Society to Honor Banoo Karimi
National Heritage Society to Honor Banoo Karimi

The Society for National Heritage of Iran will hold a ceremony on August 16 to honor professor of Persian literature Amir Banoo Karimi, 84, for her lifelong contribution to Persian studies, language and literature.

The ceremony will be attended by the literati and masters of Persian language and literature, as well as enthusiasts, IBNA reported.

The ceremony starts at 5:30 pm at the society's Motahari Conference Hall no 71, Ali Akbar Bashiri Street, Pol-Amir-Bahador, Vali Asr Avenue, Tehran.

Karimi is a professor of Persian literature, specializing in classical Persian literature and the works of Saib Tabrizi (1601-1677), Persian poet and a master of rhymed couplets, known as 'ghazal'.

The eldest child of Iranian poet and belletrist Seyed Karim Amiri Firuzkuhi (1910-1984), she pursued her education in Persian literature at the University of Tehran, where she started teaching upon graduation.

Her works include critical editions of Jawami ul-Hikayat, a collection of Persian anecdotes written by Persian historian, scientist and author Zahiriddin Nasr Mohammad Aufi (1171-1242); compilation and annotations of two editions of her father's poems; Ghazals of Saib Tabrizi; revised edition of Divan of 17th century Iranian theologian, poet and philosopher Hakim Abdolrazaq Lahiji; and critical analysis of Sanai's The Walled Garden of Truth.

Her prominent literary essays are The Missing Sources of Jawami ul-Hikayat, The Double-Sided Coin: Mansur al-Hallaj, The Representation of Women in Persian Poetry and Saba's Illness.  

Banoo Karimi was registered in the Iranian Science and Culture Hall of Fame in 2004 in an annual ceremony to honor influential contemporary scientific and cultural personalities.