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Group Exhibition on Archetypal Themes

Group Exhibition on Archetypal ThemesGroup Exhibition on Archetypal Themes

A group exhibition of paintings, illustrations and graphic art works of archetypal themes will open at Tehran’s Maryam Gallery in Karim Khan Avenue on August 12 and will run through August 28.

The exhibition will feature 18 works by a group of graduates from graphic design, illustration and painting majors, according to the Iranian Illustrators Society (

The participating artists are Ramin Ara, Mostafa Asadollahi, Hedieh Toutounchian, Hedieh Javani, Elmira Rasoulirad, Hamed Shahir, Shoeyb Kashani, Niloufar Kaboudin, Mahzad Safavi, Danial Teymoj, Davoud Teymoj and Yeganeh Yousefian.

The exhibition starts at 4 pm and will be open until 8pm. Artists will present their grasp of archetypal concepts in the event.

The archetype, a concept developed by psychologist Carl Jung, refers to an idealized or prototypical model of a person, object, or concept. According to Jung, archetypes reside in the level of our unconscious mind that is common to all human beings, known as the collective unconscious. These archetypes manifest themselves in dreams and other mystical experiences.

While commonalities in the stories and characters found in all cultures support the existence and universality of archetypes, and they have proven useful in the study of mythology, literature, art and religions of the world, their exact nature and origin is yet to be determined.