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Young Iranian Promoting Hijab Fashion

Young Iranian Promoting Hijab Fashion Young Iranian Promoting Hijab Fashion

A young Iranian woman Naeimeh Qadimi is a designer of ‘hijab’ apparel suitable for Muslim women.

She uses Instagram to promote her works and also her lifestyle. On her account, she puts photos of herself dressed in the clothes she has designed and tailored. As her Instagram feed gained recognition and attracted a large following, Qadimi became a source of style inspiration for many women.

Although she learned sewing at a young age, Naeimeh took up hijab fashion designing and production professionally only in the past year, but her designs have gained popularity in the short time, 7Sobh daily reported.

So far she has cooperated with a famous Iranian brand, designing and producing clothes for a popular actress, but due to a clause in the contract, she can’t reveal the name.

Born in Tehran, Naeimeh, 26, is currently living in Italy with her husband and two sons.

“My two sisters and I usually design and sew our own dresses,” Naeimeh said, noting that fashionable clothing keeping in line with the Islamic dress code has always been one of her concerns.

Hijab means modesty in dressing and avoiding attire that reveals the form or any part of the body.

Many people who see her on the street complement her on her attire describing her as “well-dressed, neat and colorful.” The comments below her photos on her Instagram feed also point to the same.

Naeimeh wants to change western attitude toward Muslim women wearing the hijab. “This is what I intend to do, through my work.”

She is studying designing in Italy. After getting her degree, she plans to launch her own brand of clothing. “I would like to make modern Islamic manteaus and dresses using Italian fabric and materials for Iranians, so that they can be introduced as an Iranian-Islamic style in the world.”