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NLAI Seminar on Historiography

NLAI Seminar on HistoriographyNLAI Seminar on Historiography

The Research Institute of the National Library and Archives of Iran on Monday called for submission of articles for the seminar ‘Iran and Disciplines of History Writing with Emphasis on Documentation.’

The seminar is scheduled in early fall, and the deadline for submission of articles is September 5, according to the library website

The event seeks national and international contributions in the development of historiography and methodology in Iran.

The library’s Research Institute is supported by the Iranian Society of History, Association of History Researcher Women, Higher Education Institute for Methodology of Humanities and other scientific and educational centers and associations.

The following topics have been proposed by the seminar secretariat: oral history and historiography in Iran, history of Islam and Shias, history of the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, history of ancient Iran, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary historiography and role of documents in modern historiography, among others.

For further information, participants can refer to the Research Institute located at Tehran’s Haqqani Highway-Kousha Street intersection.