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Melal Orchestra’s First Online Concert in Iran

Melal Orchestra’s First Online Concert in IranMelal Orchestra’s First Online Concert in Iran

Melal Orchestra featuring classical and Persian traditional singer Salar Aqili, 38, performed their first online concert in Iran on Sunday.

The National Intranet of Iran served as “a vast venue of the concert,” bringing the show to an audience of about 30,000 via free internet services. The live concert, however, took place at Tehran’s Andisheh Hall of Art Bureau on Hafez Avenue, ILNA reported.

Sohrab Kashef, 32, conducted the concert which performed compositions by Persian composer, conductor and critic Peyman Soltani, 44, including his romantic pieces in the first part and pieces of nationalistic themes in the second part of the concert. The two repertoires have been recorded in two separate albums.

The online show was performed in collaboration with the internet service providers, and non-attendant fans were able to see the performance by Melal Orchestra and Aqili.

The concert at Andisheh Hall saw huge crowds with people spilling on to the aisles. Part of the audience had to be moved to the adjacent hall to watch the performance on screens.

Iranian singer, poet, writer and actor Amir Hussein Modarres, 45, who presented the concert, said that under the auspices of Haam, a local entertainment system established by the Saman-Sarmaye-Homa Company, (one of the largest information, education, communication content providers) patients at Kahrizak Charity Foundation in southern Tehran watched the concert online.

The Online Concert System established by Haam will enable a higher number of people to enjoy such music performances, Modarres said.

 Special Attention to Charities

“The firm pays special attention to charities where in-patients can watch all Haam-covered programs. In an earlier concert performed by Dang Show music band, the charity foundation Mahak was able to watch the show.

The online system of showing concerts would not have been possible without the cooperation of Iran’s Telecommunication Infrastructure Company (TIC), the sole provider of telecommunication facilities to all private and public operators in the country. It is affiliated to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Iran.

Modarres also appreciated the efforts of the managing director of TIC, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, in organizing the online show through collaboration between the government bodies and private sector.

The live broadcast was relayed by six telecommunication operators for their subscribers without any charge. The operators were Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran, MTN Irancell, RighTel Communications, Shatel Company, Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI) and Asiatech.