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Spanish Musicians to Perform at Vahdat Hall

Spanish Musicians to Perform at Vahdat HallSpanish Musicians to Perform at Vahdat Hall

French Flamenco guitarist and vocalist of Gitano descent (Spain) Paul 'Pablo' Reyes, together with a group of nine Spanish ethnic musicians will stage a concert on August 13-14 at Tehran's Vahdat Hall.

The concert is organized by Exir-Novin Advertising Agency and Persia Film Company, both based in the capital city, according to the website

Reyes, 67, is well known in Iran as a member of the music band of Gipsy Kings, a group of flamenco, salsa and pop musicians from Arles and Montpellier, southern France, who perform in Spanish language with an Andalusian accent.

"The permits have been received for the show," Mohammadreza Khanzadeh, manager of the ad agency said, anticipating a huge audience for the concert who "will leave the show with pleasant memories." Tickets for the event are sold on the website