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Mobarak Int'l Puppet Festival

Mobarak Int'l Puppet FestivalMobarak Int'l Puppet Festival

The 16th Tehran Mobarak International Puppet Festival will be held from August 22-28.

The festival secretariat has reviewed 37 submissions and approved 27 for staging. Iranian actress, puppeteer, screenwriter and film director Marzieh Boroumand, 65, is the event secretary. Maryam Saadat, playwright and theater directors Zahra Sabri and Yousef Seddiq have selected the works.

The local section of the festival will include the plays Echo, The Painful Story of the Old Man, Canary Yellow, The Story of the Hungry Wolf, Flight at 7:45, Pink Cloud, Twenty One, Benyamin and Ben Ten, Who Moved the Cat?, Circle, Midsummer Night's Dream, Big Kind Ghoul, Paper Boat and Meeting Godot at Café Paytakht.

  International Section

Nine countries are participating in the international section of the festival. While seven shows are on indoor stage, two will be held outdoors, ISNA reported. The indoor stage performances are 'Writer' from the Netherlands, 'Magic Flute' from Czech Republic, 'Odyssey' from Russia, 'The Life of Mahatma Gandhi' from India, 'Peter the Tiger' from Ukraine, 'Shirin' from Afghanistan and 'Wonderful Journey' from Germany. The outdoor shows will feature 'Colorful Dinosaurs' from Spain and 'A Song of Sun and Moon' from Poland.