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Spanish Don Hails Iranian Traditional Music

Spanish Don Hails Iranian Traditional MusicSpanish Don Hails Iranian Traditional Music

Western cinema should study Iranian traditional music and learn lessons from it, said a Spanish professor at Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain.

Speaking on the sidelines of a seminar titled ‘Cinema and Iranian Film’ at Complutense University in Madrid, Manuel Gertrudix lauded the importance of Iranian music, IRNA reported.

“By studying and analyzing Iranian cinema it can be concluded that the country has a long-standing history in the movie industry and high capabilities particularly in the field of traditional music.”

Iranian traditional music and its special characteristics are still unknown to Western countries and their film industry, he noted.

Gertrudix said a number of the features of traditional Iranian music pertain to the “natural characteristics of Iranian people and the elements of their everyday life and present a multi-faceted view.

“In this seminar, we tried to show the great variety of musical views, symbols and instruments. I believe that in today’s world it is really interesting to know other cultures, particularly that of Iran. Iranian cinema provides us with an opportunity to know other types of human relations, conversations and human understanding of the universe. Traditional music is used very creatively in Iran’s film industry,” he declared.