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‘In the Embrace of God’ for Latam Kids

‘In the Embrace of God’ for Latam Kids‘In the Embrace of God’ for Latam Kids

Written by Afarin Mirshahi, ‘In the Embrace of God’ is a book published in Spanish specifically for disabled children in Latin America.

The newest work of the ‘El Faro’ group has been written and illustrated by Mirshahi particularly for preschool readers. The book is an emotional dialogue between the blind, deaf, mute, and disabled children with the Almighty. Kids in the book thank God for all the blessings he has bestowed on them in spite of the different physical challenges they face.

In a part of the book, a blind child talks to God: “O God! I cannot see the blue sea, but I am glad you have given me ears. I can hear the sound of the waves.”

The work, with a circulation of 3000 copies in Spanish, is being sent to Latin American countries. It has previously been published in English as well.

Less than a year ago, ‘Andishe Shargh’ Art and Cultural Institute, involved with cultural activities in Latin America, established its Spanish-language department of children and adolescents, ‘El Faro’. Since then, it has released over 50 works of children’s literature in Spanish and Portuguese.