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Puppet Troupe Among Best in World Carnival

Puppet Troupe Among Best  in World CarnivalPuppet Troupe Among Best  in World Carnival

The Iranian play ‘Our Childish World’ was nominated among the top three works of the World Puppet Carnival in Bangkok, Thailand.

Out of the 50 groups participating in the street theater section, ‘Our Childish World’ directed by Hamed Zare’an was chosen among the top three festival works, Honaronline reported.

Warmly welcomed by the audiences and as requested by the festival officials, the Iranian group performed the play seven times.

It is worth mentioning that the group ‘27 Aban’ led by Zare’an was the most promising group in the festival as they have won the top prize twice.

Another Iranian puppet show ‘Nim-Vajabi’ (Itsy-Bitsy), a musical, directed by Amir Mashhadi-Abbas also participated in this year’s round of the festival.

The WPC produces carnivals and festivals around the globe. This year, host Thailand saw a total of 123 troupes of puppeteers from 80 countries competing in 10 different categories.

The program included traditional, classic, new, innovative and experimental puppetry. Groups, duos, and solo performers presented their talents to the world and learn about each other’s puppetry culture.

The carival was held from November 1 to 10.