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Persian Literature Faculty Proposed in Serbian Varsity

Persian Literature Faculty  Proposed in Serbian VarsityPersian Literature Faculty  Proposed in Serbian Varsity

The international affairs deputy of Serbia’s Megatrend University in a meeting with the Iranian cultural attaché in Belgrade on Friday welcomed his proposal for establishing a faculty for Persian language and literature.

Anna Juansi told Mohammad Shalouie that “she was glad about Megatrend University’s cultural cooperation with Iranian universities and scientific centers,” IRNA reported.

She also appreciated the cultural attaché’s cooperation in the matter of the establishment of the new faculty of Persian language and literature at Megatrend University, the largest private university in Serbia. It has scientific cooperation with 43 reputable universities around the globe, she said.

Juansi also referred to the great enthusiasm of the Serbian people for learning the Persian language and literature, noting that cooperation between the Iranian cultural attaché and the Serbian university “will play a very important role in proximity of the two nations.”

The Iranian envoy in his response also appreciated the cooperation and interest of the university’s top officials to establish the new faculty, which he said “showed their enthusiasm in the ancient Persian culture and civilization.”

Shalouie also referred to the Persian language and literature courses offered by the Iranian Cultural Department in Belgrade, at the Belgrade State University, the Novi Sad University, the Belgrade Tourism College, and some high schools, as some of the most important activities of the Iranian cultural attaché office.