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Folk Band at Milad Tower

Folk Band at Milad TowerFolk Band at Milad Tower

The folk band 'Dang Show' will reappear at the International Conference Hall of Tehran's Milad Tower after three months, on August 14.

The founding brothers of the band, Taha Parsa and Reza Shaya, along with other members, have prepared a repertoire different from their last show in spring.

In addition to the different musical pieces, the stage performance includes a show of visual effects, according to the website

"The upcoming performance by the group will mostly include nostalgic pieces that are rarely performed in concerts," nowadays, Saba Samimi, the percussionist said. The reason for this choice is the frequent requests made by fans."We will get more nostalgic this time. And we have a surprise for the audience," he promised.

The band was established in 2007 when they appeared at Tehran's Arasbaran Cultural Center. The sons of the celebrated film actor and producer Alireza Shojanouri, 60, Reza and Taha combined piano and saxophone in Iranian music and founded a special niche in the music society of Iran.