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Italian Pianist Guidi to Perform at Niavaran

Italian Pianist Guidi to Perform at NiavaranItalian Pianist Guidi to Perform at Niavaran

The young Italian pianist Giovanni Guidi, 30, will stage a piano concert at the Persian Gulf Hall of Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran on August 22-23.

Guidi's improvised piano concert starts at 9 pm and "it is his first performance in this vast geographical part that covers the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe," according to

His strokes are subtle and sublime. Some believe Guidi is the most promising jazz pianist of Italy. British musician, jazz writer and reviewer Adrian Pallant compared his improvisations with an "expressive watercolor impressionism in contemporary jazz … with evocations of fragile, rain-teary washes across a broad, receptive canvas."

The pianist's big break came in 2004 at the International Summer Workshop of Siena Jazz, Tuscany, when compatriot trumpeter Enrico Rava, 76, was drawn to his focused, minimalist attributes. Rava instantly hired Guidi for his Rava New Generation project. Guidi made two CDs with this group, in 2006 and 2010, and quickly became the leader of several music groups.

He has toured many jazz festivals in Europe and beyond, and has become well acquainted with the international jazz club circuit.

Guidi's first album as bandleader was Tomorrow Never Knows (2006) that received rave reviews. Since then he has recorded seven albums that have been released on the ECM label.

His latest CD is called This Is the Day (2015) and includes nine of his own compositions. It's impressionist music, blowing back and forth like a mild breeze along the coast. The Italian pianist never hesitates before setting off along new routes of musical exploration, and his multifaceted achievements in the jazz idiom have earned him international acclaim, an article in said.