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Einstein's Relativity Dramatized in ‘Time’

Einstein's Relativity Dramatized in ‘Time’Einstein's Relativity Dramatized in ‘Time’

A play based on Einstein's Theory of Relativity titled 'Time' will open on August 4 at Tehran's Moj-No theater hall.

"The play is based on one of Einstein's theories that deals with time," playwright and director of the show Mahsa Nemati told Honaronline.

"The reason why I chose relativity of time as the theme is that I studied physics at the university. I read about the effects of general relativity in our lives."

Nemati spoke about chance encounters, synchronous occurrences and unexpected events. "Time is behind all these, I should say."

The play has no complicated mise-en-scene or stage settings. The dialogues are philosophical and there is suspense and illusion in the air, "intensified by the inner vibrations (emotional state) of the characters," the young director said.

The book Wisdom Without Answers: A Brief Introduction to Philosophy, by Daniel Kolak and Raymond Martin, has been influential on the play. The book challenges reader to ponder life's big questions. "No one knows what is right. The book has helped me pose questions for the audience, without giving them specific answers."

The play is the story of a girl who accidentally causes her mother's death. The girl tries to put the blame on time for this incidence, and later commits suicide. "Such incidents are the result of relativity in time; that is if two persons land in the same place at the same moment, they collide" as they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, Nemati said.

The cast includes Nahal Dashti, Sima Sadeqi and Elnaz Ranjbar.

Moj-No theater hall is located near Mirdamad Avenue. The play starts at 6:45 pm and will run through August 21.