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Rostam's Heroic Acts on Stage With Recycled Puppets

Rostam's Heroic Acts on Stage With Recycled PuppetsRostam's Heroic Acts on Stage With Recycled Puppets

The Seven Labors of Rostam or 'Haft-Khan-e-Rostam' in Persian, are a series of heroic acts carried out by Rostam, the greatest of Iranian mythical heroes. The story of Haftkhan was retold by prominent Persian poet Ferdowsi in his epic poem, Shahnama (Book of Kings).

Rostam's 'Seven Labors' are now staged as a play for children with recycled puppets. The play titled 'Tales of Me and You and Rostam and Shahnameh' opened on July 10 at Tehran's Ibn Sina Cultural Center. In his deeds, Rostam was often accompanied only by his horse, Rakhsh.

The play earlier was staged at Children's Theater and received enthusiastic response.

"Since then, I've often been asked to restage the show," director Maryam Motaref, 70, told Mehr News Agency.

Playwright, researcher and theater designer Hassan Bastani, 54, has written the script wherein he recounts Ferdowsi's stories in a style for children's fantasies.

"The second showing has undergone some slight changes. All the puppets, décor and accessories are made of recycled materials," Motaref said.

The puppets have been created by painter and sculptor Faezeh Feyz Sheikholeslam , 42, who is also a designer of décor and costumes.

"In this play, we want to familiarize children and their families with recycling concepts. We all know how serious the issue of waste management has become in Iran. We're trying to encourage our audience to make use of the things they otherwise throw away," Motaref said.

"The play casts a brief glance at the Book of Kings. The Seven Labors of Rostam and a number of his other adventures are staged here humorously so that children and young adults get to know this literary legacy."

A light-hearted account of Ferdowsi's work is sure to attract children to the book. The show is accompanied by live music performed by one of the actors on stage.

Cast members are Nasser Avijeh, Mona Shamsoddini and Hussein Mazinani. The play starts every night at 7:30 and will run through August 21.