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Nature Artists in Hungary

Nature Artists in HungaryNature Artists in Hungary

The Iranian nature artist Mahmoud Maktabi is curating an exhibition on environmental art in Budapest, Hungary.

Titled 'Eco-avantgarde', the exhibit at the Institution of the Hungarian Academy of Arts 'Kunsthalle', explores the relationship between art and the living environment today in works created by Iranian artists, ISNA reported.

Environmental art describes a range of artistic practices encompassing both historical approaches to nature in art and the more recent ecological and politically motivated works.

The Hungarian event is the second environmental appearance for Iran after 'Living Spaces' exhibition in Romania last year. There are also two other exhibitions underway at 'Kunsthalle' on the same subject. 'Small Gestures' presents important works by international contemporary nature artist including Ahmad Nadalian from Iran and 'Nature Alliance' which reviews the events that led up to nature art in Hungary.

The works are all inspired and defined by nature, by life on and in earth, and the relationship between man and his environment. Artists from England, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Japan, Iceland, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Spain, and Indonesia have put up their works on show.

Maktabi, 31, is a graduate of painting who has turned to environmental art and performance since 2005. He has participated in more than 40 exhibitions and festivals in Iran, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Canada, France, India and the US. He was Iran’s representative at the first, second and third editions of the Global Nomadic Art Project in South Korea (2014), India (2015) and South Africa (2016). The exhibition will continue until October 16.